Agent Ginger - The Recall

Agent Ginger - The Recall.

This is about Agent Ginger’s last mission to the Ukraine by the Russian border as Agent Six her successor had been kidnapped in Russia.

Ginger had taken time off as the lead agent in Syno security Agency to become mother to two beautiful children, Breeze and C J, between her and Clive.

That was until they received the phone call that Agent Six had been kidnapped while under cover in Istanbul and from where she had been detailed to go to the Ukraine. Once there, she was to go to the Russian border and wait for further instructions. Agent Six was Ginger’s replacement when she went on sabbatical.

Ginger knew this day may be coming, but it did not make it any easier for her and Clive.

She had to get to the Ukraine borders and soon. There was no time to waste or they might lose Susan, (Agent Six) completely. From the intel gathered Ginger knew that Petrov who ran things over there was a sadistic individual who was determined to eliminate as many agents as he could get his hands on. How could Susan allow herself to be captured? Ginger felt guilty, It should have been her, so she has got to do her best to get Susan out before it was too late for her to be rescued. Agent Ginger thought again about what had brought her to this point. She thought about the dangers ahead; the Russian base was bristling with elite and veteran Special Forces, the long miles of terrain between her and the base, regularly swept through by Russian incursions.  The only way of finding out what had happened to Susan was for someone to go there and be on ground. Ginger knew the terrain better than anyone else. Susan’s patch was her patch, her contacts were her contacts. Her dangers were once her dangers. No one was better qualified for this rescue than her. She had to go, Ginger was determined.  She prepared to cross the Ukrainian border. Agent Six was across that border in Russia and in deadly peril. And with her potentially lies the fate of SYNO.